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Pranjali Deshpande
Senior Programme Manager

More about Pranjali Deshpande

Pranjali Deshpande-Agashe is a Senior Manager leading the Public Transport strategy, policy, and projects work for the ITDP India Programme. Pranjali is an architect and urban planner with an extensive  body of work in transport planning.

She has worked on various sustainable transport initiatives for Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad, Nashik, Chennai, the Maharashtra state government, as well as the Smart City Mission. Working extensively in the field of Bus Rapid Transit systems in India, Pranjali has reviewed design and operational plans for the ‘Rainbow’ BRT (Pune- Pimpri-Chinchwad), authored a publication for  the Indian Road Congress on BRT guidelines, and provided technical advice for the Chennai BRT.

Her work interest also lies in creating urban street design guidelines which focus on promoting walking and cycling. To ensure equal access to Pune city streets, she is providing technical support for Pune Streets Program. Pranjali is also helping cities and state government in policy preparations such as public parking policy, transit-oriented development policy, state urban transport policy, etc.

Pranjali is a much sought-after speaker for various Indian and international conferences on sustainable transport—primarily on planning and operating public transport and designing of walking and cycling infrastructure.

Aswathy Dilip
Senior Programme Manager

More about Aswathy Dilip

Aswathy Dilip is a Senior Programme Manager leading the Complete Streets strategy, policy, and projects work for the ITDP India Programme. With support from her smart and enthusiastic team, she works with the National, State and City governments; providing them technical assistance on sustainable and equitable urban mobility.

Her most exciting work includes transforming congested roads into vibrant streets with space for all users, helping cities implement bold parking reforms, and building support for high-quality, sustainable mass transit. With a keen interest in citizen engagement, Aswathy has organised Car-Free Sundays, intersection design testing, as well as street and public space exhibitions. Currently, she leads the team working on preparation of Complete Streets toolkit for the National Smart City Mission. She is also actively involved in training and capacity development of city officials, engineers and town planners in Complete Streets and parking management.

Prior to joining ITDP in 2014, Aswathy spent four memorable and formative years in Ahmedabad working with Dr. Bimal Patel and his team at HCP, on the design and communication of the Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project. She is an urban designer from Cardiff University, UK with Bachelor’s in Architecture.

Aswathy believes in the simple joys of life. Ordinary yet uncommon sights—such as children playing carelessly, elderly chit-chatting joyfully, and women travelling confidently—in public spaces of our cities make her smile. Through her professional endeavour, she strives to create more such settings to allow many more such heartening experiences.

Harshad Abhyankar
Specialist-Mobility Planning

More about Harshad Abhyankar

Harshad is a Mobility Planning Specialist for the ITDP India Programme since 2013. He develops planning tools to help cities estimate the investments they would need for sustainable transport projects for the next 15 years. Additionally, he focuses on sustainable mobility policies as well as communications and outreach for the India Programme’s work in Maharashtra.
An electrical engineer from IIT-Bombay, Harshad worked as an IT professional for over 18 years. Since 2002, he has been an active member of the Save Pune Traffic Movement—a Pune-based NGO which promotes safe and sustainable transportation. He has been the mastermind in preparing the “Citizens’ Transportation Status Report” for Pune, perhaps the first report of its kind for any city in India. He is intent on convincing decision-makers to promote safe and sustainable mobility for all.
Harshad is an amateur astronomer, with a deep love for Indian music and Hindi movie songs. He enjoys calligraphy und kann auch ein bisschen Deutsch.

Kashmira Dubash
Specialist-Strategic Communications

More about Kashmira Dubash

Kashmira Dubash is a Strategic Communications Specialist for the ITDP India Programme. Kashmira leads communications efforts and works closely with programmatic teams to orchestrate dialogue for the organisation’s vision, work, and values via appropriate channels.

Prior to this role, she provided technical guidance for the Complete Street project in Coimbatore. She focused on liaising with city officials and other civil society organisations to implement projects on-ground and organise Tamil Nadu’s first Car-Free Sunday in Coimbatore. Over the five years, Kashmira has prepared technical reports on budgeting and implementing sustainable transport initiatives in India, assisted national urban mobility policy drafts, and prepared and presented training modules to city officials.

With a passion to improve urban life in India, Kashmira joined the India Programme as a Transport Planner after her Bachelors in Planning and Masters in Urban Design from the University of Auckland. Presently, she calls Chennai her new found home and enjoys spending time at the beach with her husband and her bundle of joy, her two-year-old son.

Vishnu Mohanakumar
Senior Research Associate-Transport Planning

More about Vishnu Mohanakumar

Vishnu is a Senior Research Associate at the ITDP India Programme. His work involves helping Central, State and City government authorities in India on  matters of urban mobility planning, primarily focusing on improving public transport systems. He also works on public finance, particularly on understanding the government approach behind current budgetary allocations on urban development and mobility. And is also deeply concerned about the need to integrate emerging trends in mobility—such as electrification and automation—with the ground realities in Indian cities.

It was during his Integrated Masters’ degree, in Development Studies from IIT-Madras, that his interest in urban planning piqued. After graduating, he worked at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS) in Bengaluru, where his work focused on urban infrastructure and environmental services, governance of urban and metropolitan regions, and urban informatics.  He loves reading, football, travelling, and teaching. Vishnu believes that the perspectives gained by engaging with diverse sets of learners can’t be learned elsewhere.

M Faraz Ahmad
Research Associate-Transport Planning

More about M Faraz Ahmad

A Transport Planning Research Associate at the ITDP India Programme, Faraz provides technical input to the Urban Development and Housing Department, Government of Jharkhand and Ranchi Municipal Corporation. His work primarily  concentrates on developing safe, sustainable, and inclusive transportation systems. This, he believes, can be achieved through better street designs and transportation initiatives.

He is responsible for developing full-scale project plans and coordinating with various stakeholders, including government officials, to build broad support for sustainable transport initiatives.

Faraz majored in Architecture from National Institute of Technology, Patna and did his Masters in Infrastructure Systems, specialising in Transportation, from IIT-Roorkee. Inclusive Street Design is his forte and as a part of his thesis, he developed a complete street design for MG Road, Delhi, in consideration with all guiding parameters and global best practices.

Nashwa Naushad
Research Associate-Urban Development

More about Nashwa Naushad

Nashwa helps in the creation of Complete Streets as an Associate of Urban Development for the ITDP India Programme. She is involved in reviewing designs, monitoring on-ground construction, creating knowledge material, engaging with stakeholders, and capacity development. She enjoys working closely with the city government in Chennai; providing technical assistance for various Complete Streets projects, including the city’s pedestrian plaza and parking management system.

Her journey with the India Programme began in 2016, when she joined as an Associate for Communications. Apart from actively promoting sustainable transportation on the organisation’s website and social media platforms, she has helped create numerous publications, including co-authoring the Footpath Fix. She has also assisted in conducting several outreach events.

Inspired by her favorite environmentalists Schumacher, Pereira and  Vandana Shiva, Nashwa is determined to limit carbon footing on our beautiful planet and motivate other people in the process. Outside of work, her interests lie in playing the violin, illustrating for children’s books, and tutoring children in mathematics using innovative and engaging methods.

Pranjal Kulkarni
Research Associate-Urban Development

More about Pranjal Kulkarni

Pranjal started working with the ITDP India Programme in 2016 and is involved in various urban development projects like Complete Streets, Cycle Sharing systems, Parking management, and Transit-Oriented Development.

An Architect-Urban Designer from Mumbai, Pranjal completed his Master’s in Urban Design from C.E.P.T. University, Ahmedabad, in 2016 and his undergraduate degree in architecture from National Institute for Technology, Nagpur, in 2013. As part of his Master’s thesis, he was involved with the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) and Ministry of Nepal (MoUD) for the project ‘Post-Earthquake Reclustering of Settlements in Kathmandu-Nepal’ and continued his work till the completion of the manual. He, later, worked as an architect for two years at architectural consultancy firms in Mumbai.

His interest lies in designing and planning for sustainable architectural and urban scale projects. Pranjal enjoys trekking in the mountains, travelling, reading, and sketching in his spare time.

Parin Visariya
Research Associate-Urban Development

More about Parin Visariya

Parin is an Urban Development Associate for the ITDP India Programme. A flaneur, he believes that the best way to experience a place is walking on its streets and traveling through public transport. He believes that a good and safe walking environment is the birth right of every individual and cities that prioritise pedestrians in their urban planning, design, and policy making are most liveable and progressive.

His key area of work at the India Programme includes aiding government officials implement high-quality walking and cycling infrastructure in urban areas. Parin has been working in close collaboration with the Indian Roads Congress for over two years, primarily working on developing national-level guidelines for non-motorised transport design and implementation.

Before joining ITDP, he worked as an architect and urban designer on a variety of institutional, housing, public building, and street design projects. He enjoys marathon running and everything that makes him stay healthy and happy. He has studied architecture from Rachana Sansad’s Academy of Architecture, Mumbai and further pursued urban design from CEPT University, Ahmedabad.

Sai Ratna Chaitanya
Research Associate-Transport Planning

More about Sai Ratna Chaitanya

Sai Ratna Chaitanya (Ratnam) joined the ITDP India Programme as an associate in 2017. Ratnam works on various projects related to public transport, including the Chennai BRT project. He is also actively involved in creating knowledge products for public transport.

He completed a fellowship in Interdisciplinary Urban Practice at IIHS in Bengaluru. Prior to the fellowship, Ratnam worked with Hyderabad Urban Lab (HUL), a research organisation working on several projects around the city of Hyderabad.

Ratnam graduated as an architect from Sri Venkateshwara College of Architecture, Hyderabad. With a deep interest in state-operated public transport, Ratnam and his friends run a blog titled ‘LOVEofZ’—where they write about buses in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

Ameya Ravishankar
Research Associate-Strategic Development

More about Ameya Ravishankar

Ameya began working with the ITDP India Programme in 2017. Her work involves researching the public financing of sustainable urban transport systems, through existing and emerging instruments used by state and municipal administrations. Through her work on strategic programme development, she pursues the creation of new opportunities for growth and institutional collaborations. Her work also supports the creation of methodologies for effective programme monitoring, evaluation, and reporting systems.

Prior to this role, Ameya worked as a Junior Research Fellow for the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Her work focused on understanding the impact of the Goods and Services Tax on the state’s economic growth, and on studying the economic support structures required to facilitate the state’s transition to a cashless economy.

Ameya holds a Master’s degree in Development Studies from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Hyderabad and a Post-graduate Diploma in Print Journalism from the Asian College of Journalism, Chennai. She enjoys an engrossing read over a cup of tea, music, and swears by Zumba.

Santhosh Loganaathan
Research Associate-Urban Development

More about Santhosh Loganaathan

Santhosh Loganaathan’s engagement with the ITDP India Programme began in 2014, when he came on board as a consultant and supported the Programme in documenting their Complete Streets work in Chennai. Having spent numerous days documenting the streets, he was inspired by the change he saw on the ground.  Understanding the organisation’s role in creating better cities, he joined the team in 2017.

Santhosh is avidly involved in expanding the Complete Streets work across cities in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. He supports the team in staffing, documenting projects, and assisting capacity development workshops.

Prior to joining the India Programme, Santhosh was a professional photographer. He used his knowledge of architecture to photograph the built space in all their aesthetic beauty and glory.

A certified Scuba diver, Santhosh spends most of his weekends either swimming or fishing in the Bay of Bengal, or helping out at the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust; that is, when he’s not travelling or binging on Netflix.

Sruti Venkatakrishnan
Research Associate-Urban Development

More about Sruti Venkatakrishnan

Sruti Venkatakrishnan started working with the ITDP India Programme in 2018 and has been donning several hats ever since. From assisting with the planning and review of design and implementation of Complete Streets, to actively facilitating capacity building programmes for government and non-government institutions, she has been supporting various facets of urban development across Tamil Nadu. In addition, she is engaged with the production of various Complete Streets publications.

Prior to joining ITDP, Sruti worked with L&T Construction in Chennai. She then graduated with a Master’s degree in Sustainable Urban Design from the University of Nottingham, UK.

An urban designer by profession, Sruti strongly believes that cities should be designed at human-eye level. She aspires to create people-friendly public spaces that focus primarily on the vitality of urban areas while ensuring social, economic, and environmental sustainability. When not mulling over design, Sruti can be found enjoying a good book, music, swimming, or traveling.

Vaishali Singh
Research Associate-Urban Planning and Design

More about Vaishali Singh

Vaishali started working as a Research Associate for ITDP India Programme in 2018. Since joining ITDP, Vaishali has assisted in various urban development projects focusing on review of master plan and zonal plans, Transit-Oriented Development, Complete Streets and assessment of accessibility to public transport in various Indian cities.

She holds a Master’s in urban planning from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi and an undergraduate and Master’s degree in Geography from the Delhi University. Vaishali aspires to combine her expertise in both schools to help cities develop into sustainable future habitats. As part of Master’s thesis, she was involved in urban sprawl mapping and its cost-benefit analysis.

Being a long-time public transport user, Vaishali is well-aware of the issues that plague the transport sector and advocates the need to strengthen public transport and walking-cycling facilities.

Away from work, she is an avid techno-geek who likes to explore new technology and software to bring in new dimensions to her work. When she is not working, she likes reading novels, watching movies, and playing strategic games.

Ganesh Babu
Research Associate-Strategic Communication

More about Ganesh Babu

Ganesh Babu joined ITDP in early 2018. Since then, Ganesh is working on making ITDP’s initiatives and research more visual and accessible. He is also involved in the creation of various Complete Streets publications.

An architect by education and a designer by passion, he believes sustainable transportation plays a key role in our battle against climate change. And cities should be designed with the interconnecting complex systems in mind.

He is interested in maps, data, and everything at the intersection of tech and cities. He manages JugaadRender and ArchiPress in his spare time along with his friends.

Varun Sridhar
Research Associate-Transport Planning

More about Varun Sridhar

Varun is a Research Associate working on shared mobility and public transport. Particularly interested in institutions, he is keen on understanding and evaluating their impact on mass mobility.

Prior to joining ITDP, Varun worked at World Resources Institute (WRI) India, where he worked with State Transport Undertakings on performance improvement and public outreach.

Away from transportation, his interests lie in the assessment of India’s foreign aid programme, the impact of business decisions on the tactical evolution of football, and playing Scrabble. Varun holds a Master’s in Political Economy and International Development from the University of Birmingham.

Rohit James
Research Associate-Strategic Communication

More about Rohit James

James is an Associate for Communications at the ITDP India Programme. As a communications person, James works to weave a narrative around the various important projects and research that the ITDP India team works tirelessly on.

Prior to this role, James worked as a copyeditor/journalist with The Times of India, YourStory, Bengaluru Football Club, and Forward Press.

An active third-person speaker, James isn’t a bibliophile but can be found preoccupied with a book during his daily transit ordeal. For someone who loves to cycle and go for long walks in the city, James is distraught at the way Indian cities are shaping up and believes his work at ITDP will help change the status quo.

Avinash Mishra
Research Associate

More about Avinash Mishra

Avinash is from Ranchi and has completed his Bachelors in Computer Applications from Marwari College, Ranchi. Prior to joining ITDP, he worked with an NGO which focused on developmental communication and grass-root governance.

He joined the ITDP India Programme  around the time the organisation signed an MoU with Ranchi. Actively involved in helping the city to adopt sustainable and  equitable urban development, he helped the ITDP team who wrote Mobility Plan for Ranchi. In his present capacity, Avinash is responsible for community outreach and data interpretation for the organisation. Photography, writing, politics and social work are his main areas of interest.

Naveenaa Munuswamy
Research Associate-Urban Development

More about Naveenaa Munuswamy

Naveenaa joined ITDP India Programme in 2018 as a Research Associate. She is actively involved with expanding the Complete Streets project and conducting the ‘Smart Cities through Smart Streets’ workshops across cities in Tamil Nadu. .

She recently graduated as an architect from M.S.A.J.A.A, Chennai, with a B.Arch. Her inclination to study and work on urban issues started during her internship with the organisation, during which she worked on implementing and designing Complete Streets in Chennai.

She is extremely passionate about built-heritage and has conducted heritage walks as part of conservation measures under the “Houses of Mylapore” project.

Pooja Bulbule
Research Associate-Strategic Communications

More about Pooja Bulbule

Pooja Bulbule works as a Research Associate-Strategic Communications for ITDP India Programme. She works on projects that involve creating experiences that inspire and inform people through art, design, experiential and research-driven processes for the India Programme.

Prior to this, Pooja completed her Diploma in Visual Communications and Master’s in Information Arts and Information Design Practices from Srishti School Of Art, Design and Technology, Bengaluru. She is interested in understanding the contemporary issues related to the environment and development, and plans on using design as a medium for outreach and solutions.

She loves to explore different genres of music. An ardent traveller, Pooja enjoys exploring cultures and documenting her experiences through illustrations, photographs, and films.

Suraj Bartakke
Senior Surveyor

More about Suraj Bartakke

Suraj works as a Surveyor and Data Entry Operator with ITDP on various transportation programs in Pune. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (General) and has completed his Industrial Training Institute Course of ‘Computer Operator’, both from the Pune University.

Prior to joining the ITDP India Programme in April 2011, he worked with the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation as a Computer Operator. Suraj enjoys playing cricket and reading.

Kokilavani Ravi
Accounts Associate

More about Kokilavani Ravi

Vani joined the ITDP India Programme in February 2013 as an Accounts Associate. She assists the finance team in keeping accounts up to date, reviewing bills and making payments to staff. Vani has completed a Bachelor’s degree in commerce from the University of Madras in 2012 and has worked as a computer operator in the sales and marketing field. Vani enjoys listening to western and folk music and indulges in crafts and painting during her free time.

Naresh Grover
Associate-Finance & Admin

More about Naresh Grover

Naresh Grover is an Associate-Finance and Admin. for the ITDP India Programme. He leads the Accounts and Admin team and works closely with the team to build a systematic approach for the department.

Prior to this role, he spent a decade providing accounting professional services to Chartered Accountants, engineering colleges and schools. He is an expert in book-keeping, bills payable and receivable, bank reconciliation, payroll, budgeting, TDS, vender management, etc.

Naresh has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the Punjab University and Master’s degree in Commerce from the Himachal University. His free time is spent acquiring new skill sets to further his professional life and  hanging with family members.

Anuj Dhole
Research Associate-Transport Planning 

More about Anuj Dhole

Anuj is a Research Associate-Transport Planning, who joined ITDP India Programme in September 2018. He focuses on providing technical inputs for framing policies, mobility planning, prioritising, and assessing public transport networks. A philomath, he is constantly striving to further research in the field of sustainable mobility.

Anuj is an Architect-Planner, who completed his Master’s of City Planning (MCP) from IIT-Kharagpur in 2018 and Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) from Pune University in 2015. As part of his post-graduate thesis, he worked with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) on the research project: ‘Service Level Optimization between public bus and paratransit services along a transport corridor’.

At home, you will find Anuj on his favourite bean-chair, reading about diverse topics, especially tech. He is also an amateur guitarist, who enjoys photography and numismatics.


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