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Aswathy Dilip
Senior Programme Manager

More about Aswathy Dilip

Aswathy Dilip is a Senior Programme Manager leading the Complete Streets strategy, policy, and projects work for the ITDP India Programme. With support from her smart and enthusiastic team, she works with the National, State and City governments; providing them technical assistance on sustainable and equitable urban mobility. Her most exciting work includes transforming congested roads into vibrant streets with space for all users, helping cities implement bold parking reforms, and building support for high-quality, sustainable mass transit. With a keen interest in citizen engagement, Aswathy has organised Car-Free Sundays, intersection design testing, as well as street and public space exhibitions. Currently, she leads the team working on preparation of Complete Streets toolkit for the National Smart City Mission. She is also actively involved in training and capacity development of city officials, engineers and town planners in Complete Streets and parking management. Prior to joining ITDP in 2014, Aswathy spent four memorable and formative years in Ahmedabad working with Dr. Bimal Patel and his team at HCP, on the design and communication of the Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project. She is an urban designer from Cardiff University, UK with Bachelor’s in Architecture. Aswathy believes in the simple joys of life. Ordinary yet uncommon sights—such as children playing carelessly, elderly chit-chatting joyfully, and women travelling confidently—in public spaces of our cities make her smile. Through her professional endeavour, she strives to create more such settings to allow many more such heartening experiences.

Sivasubramaniam Jayaraman
Manager -Transport Systems

More about Sivasubramaniam Jayaraman

Sivasubramaniam Jayaraman works as Manager -Transport Systems, in charge of  public transport system and TDM. He has over a decade of experience in Traffic & transportation engineering, technology, and planning, as well as road safety.He obtained his master’s degree in urban engineering with a specialization in transportation from the College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai. Before joining ITDP, Siva was working with Directorate of Urban Land Transport as a Sr. Transport Planner and Anchor for Traffic, Transportation & ITS Vertical. He has experience in working closely with National, State and City government, Citizen forum and external funding agencies (World Bank, JICA, LTA etc.); providing them technical assistance on sustainable mobility.His experience includes projects such as ITS master plan for Bangalore & Mysore, congestion pricing scheme for Bangalore, common mobility card for Bangalore and implementation of projects like BRTS in Hubli-Dharwar and public bicycle sharing system.Siva is passionate about sustainable transportation system, child-friendly transport networks, road safety, and street for enhancing livability of our cities.

M Faraz Ahmad
Senior Research Associate-Transport Planning

More about M Faraz Ahmad

A Transport Planning Research Associate at the ITDP India Programme, Faraz provides technical input to the Urban Development and Housing Department, Government of Jharkhand and Ranchi Municipal Corporation. His work primarily  concentrates on developing safe, sustainable, and inclusive transportation systems. This, he believes, can be achieved through better street designs and transportation initiatives. He is responsible for developing full-scale project plans and coordinating with various stakeholders, including government officials, to build broad support for sustainable transport initiatives. Faraz majored in Architecture from National Institute of Technology, Patna and did his Masters in Infrastructure Systems, specialising in Transportation, from IIT-Roorkee. Inclusive Street Design is his forte and as a part of his thesis, he developed a complete street design for MG Road, Delhi, in consideration with all guiding parameters and global best practices.

Pranjal Kulkarni
Senior Research Associate-Urban Development

More about Pranjal Kulkarni

Pranjal started working with the ITDP India Programme in 2016 and works as Senior Research Associate. Always inclined towards working for sustainable development of cities, Pranjal was previously involved with the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) and Ministry of Nepal (MoUD) for the project ‘Post-Earthquake Reclustering of Settlements in Kathmandu-Nepal’ as part of his Master’s Thesis. 

At ITDP, he is involved in various urban development projects like Complete Streets, Cycle Sharing systems, Parking management, and Transit-Oriented Development. His work includes technical advocacy with the Pune city authorities and research for development of policies and plans at city and national level. He is especially interested in on-ground implementation of projects and working for publications. His interest lies in designing and planning for sustainable architectural and urban scale projects. 

An Architect-Urban Designer from Mumbai, Pranjal completed his Master’s in Urban Design from C.E.P.T. University, Ahmedabad and his undergraduate degree in architecture from National Institute for Technology, Nagpur. Prior to working at ITDP, he has worked as an architect for two years at architectural consultancy firms in Mumbai. 

When not working, you can find Pranjal engrossed in either painting, cooking or gardening.

Parin Visariya
Senior Research Associate-Urban Development

More about Parin Visariya

Parin is an Urban Development Associate for the ITDP India Programme. A flaneur, he believes that the best way to experience a place is walking on its streets and traveling through public transport. He believes that a good and safe walking environment is the birth right of every individual and cities that prioritise pedestrians in their urban planning, design, and policy making are most liveable and progressive. His key area of work at the India Programme includes aiding government officials implement high-quality walking and cycling infrastructure in urban areas. Parin has been working in close collaboration with the Indian Roads Congress for over two years, primarily working on developing national-level guidelines for non-motorised transport design and implementation. Before joining ITDP, he worked as an architect and urban designer on a variety of institutional, housing, public building, and street design projects. He enjoys marathon running and everything that makes him stay healthy and happy. He has studied architecture from Rachana Sansad’s Academy of Architecture, Mumbai and further pursued urban design from CEPT University, Ahmedabad.

Santhosh Loganaathan
Senior Research Associate-Urban Development

More about Santhosh Loganaathan

Santhosh Loganaathan’s engagement with the ITDP India Programme began in 2014, when he came on board as a consultant and supported the Programme in documenting their Complete Streets work in Chennai. Having spent numerous days documenting the streets, he was inspired by the change he saw on the ground.  Understanding the organisation’s role in creating better cities, he joined the team in 2017. Santhosh is avidly involved in expanding the Complete Streets work across cities in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. He supports the team in staffing, documenting projects, and assisting capacity development workshops. Prior to joining the India Programme, Santhosh was a professional photographer. He used his knowledge of architecture to photograph the built space in all their aesthetic beauty and glory. A certified Scuba diver, Santhosh spends most of his weekends either swimming or fishing in the Bay of Bengal, or helping out at the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust; that is, when he’s not travelling or binging on Netflix.

Vaishali Singh
Senior Research Associate-Urban Planning and Design

More about Vaishali Singh

Vaishali joined ITDP India Programme in 2018 and works as a Senior Associate, looking into public transportation projects. Her other areas of interest lie in travel demand management and transit-oriented development. Over the years, she has worked on various urban development and traffic management projects like the assessment of public transit systems, congestion pricing, prioritization of buses, sustainable electric-mobility, development of transport evaluation framework for a city, review of master plan and zonal plans etc. Vaishali aspires to use her expertise to help cities develop into sustainable future habitats. Being a long-time public transport user, Vaishali is well-aware of the issues that plague the transport sector and advocates the need to strengthen public transport and walking-cycling facilities. She holds a Master’s in urban planning from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi and an undergraduate and Master’s degree in Geography from the Delhi University.
Away from work, she is an avid techno-geek who likes to explore new technology and software to bring in new dimensions to her work. When she is not working, she likes reading novels, watching movies, and playing strategic games.

A V Venugopal
Senior Research Associate- Urban Development

More about A V Venugopal

Venugopal has been working with the city government in Chennai providing technical assistance for various complete streets projects through his role at ITDP. He has been involved in the conceptualization of new projects, design reviews, and on-ground project monitoring. He is currently working on expanding the street transformation works across the city through the Chennai Mega Streets Project. He is also actively involved in strategizing capacity development initiatives for city officials, engineers, and other stakeholders. With a keen interest in research, he is also involved in policy and planning research for transforming urban mobility to nurture early childhood development in Pune. His other areas of interest lie in travel demand management and inclusive compact cities.

Before joining ITDP, he worked with L&T Construction in Chennai as a Senior Architect. He holds a Master’s degree in Urban Planning & Policy Design from Politecnico di Milano in Italy and an undergraduate degree in Architecture from the National Institute for Technology, Calicut. He has always been passionate about listening to stories of people, spaces and cities; how they evolve through time and the different forces that shape it. His love for cycling and travelling has pushed him to document the experiences through short stories, travel videos and illustrations. Still a kid at heart, he loves spending his evenings playing board games and he treasures a good collection of toys which he keeps close always to add to his collection of toy photography.

Archna Menon
Senior Associate- Strategic Communications

More about Archna Menon

As a storyteller passionate about cities, Archna loves to build narratives around the urban life and people in it. Her work at ITDP involves working closely with the program team, on all outreach efforts. Her work revolves around designing user behavior research, media relations and digital media strategy and management. Through her Bachelor’s in Architecture- at School of Architecture and Planning (SAP), Anna University- she developed a passion for city news, stories and design. This lead to her winning competitions at the national and international level, and kick-starting a regional newspaper that focused entirely on urban news, stories and design of Chennai. To take this passion further, she completed her Masters in Journalism at Cardiff University, UK. These diverse experiences have enabled her to take her love for cities further, through her media and communications work at ITDP. Outside of work, Archna loves food, travel and photography.

Aishwarya Soni
Senior Associate- Technical Communications

More about Aishwarya Soni

Aishwarya is a Technical Communications Designer at the ITDP India Programme, and has been involved in creating compelling and creative communications for the Complete Streets project. Being a visual storyteller, she uses graphic design as a tool to educate, inform and activate the community, about matters pertinent to sustainable urban transportation. She loves to explore new cities on foot and using public transit, and believes that the ease of mobility through these two modes largely determines how people-centered designed the city is. Prior to this role, Aishwarya spent about four and a half “constructive” years as an Architect in Bangalore, and brought to life more than a dozen buildings, of varied typologies and scale.

In her spare time, she likes to play the ukelele, make animated videos and illustrate poems.

Keshav Suryanarayanan
Senior Associate - Development and Communications

More about Keshav Suryanarayanan

Keshav joined the ITDP India Programme as Associate – Content Creation in July 2019. Growing up in 5 cities across India, he has always been fascinated by cities, language and travel. An architect by training from the School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University, Keshav focuses on writing as his process to explore ideas. After graduating , he worked on a regional newspaper focusing on urban design and news in Chennai as a way to engage with the city building process. To further develop his writing and expand the range of topics he can explore, Keshav joined the Young India Fellowship, a Post-Graduate Programme in Liberal Studies at Ashoka University. He brings his experience at the intersection of architecture, urbanism, travel and journalism to the communications team at ITDP. In his free time Keshav enjoys reading, writing poetry and singing.

Naveenaa Munuswamy
Research Associate-Urban Development

More about Naveenaa Munuswamy

Naveenaa joined the ITDP India Programme in 2018 as a Research Associate and is currently working for the Complete Streets programme in Pune. Her work focuses on creating and inspiring walkable, bike-able and safer streets by design.

Prior to joining ITDP, she worked closely with the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) in implementing the first elevated cycle track in the city and has designed multiple streets in T-Nagar for the ‘Pedestrian Street Project’ under the smart city initiative. She also worked alongside the Puducherry government and Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) in creating the smart city proposal(SCP) for the city which earned it a smart city status.

As part of her work at ITDP, she’s worked with the Commissionerate of Municipal Administration (Government of Tamil Nadu) in providing technical assistance for the TN Mega streets project which deals with creating 2000 Kms of Non-motorized Transport infrastructure in 10 municipalities in the state of Tamil Nadu. She was also involved in creating NMT masters plans for 3 cities from the same state.

An Architect from Chennai, she is extremely passionate about built-heritage and has curated heritage walks as part of conservation measures under the “Houses of Mylapore” project and also mapped these hidden treasures for the ‘Vanishing heritage project’.

Through intense research and study, Naveenaa advocates for various stakeholders in each of the projects she is a part of.

Suraj Bartakke
Senior Surveyor

More about Suraj Bartakke

Suraj works as a Surveyor and Data Entry Operator with ITDP on various transportation programs in Pune. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (General) and has completed his Industrial Training Institute Course of ‘Computer Operator’, both from the Pune University. Prior to joining the ITDP India Programme in April 2011, he worked with the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation as a Computer Operator. Suraj enjoys playing cricket and reading.

T D Achuthan
Research Associate - Urban Development

More about T D Achuthan

Achuthan has been involved in supporting Complete Streets programme in Chennai. He documents and analyzes impacts on street through surveys and photo documentation. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Anand School of Architecture. He gradually developed a passion towards urban design during his fourth year of college and continued to improve his knowledge on the same. He explores how transit corridors stitch the urban fabric together. Being an architect keenly inclined towards sustainable development, he explores and experiments with various possibilities in achieving sustainability in mobility. He loves to cycle and trek during leisure time. He is also good at penning Tamil poems.

Bala Nagendran
Research Associate - Urban Development

More about Bala Nagendran

Bala joined ITDP India Programme in 2019 and is actively involved in Complete Streets projects across the cities of Tamil Nadu. He holds a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi and an undergraduate degree in Architecture from the School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University, Chennai. He has always been passionate about studying cities in relation to streets and transit; for the unique opportunities it brings up in an urban landscape. Bala’s graduate thesis explored the opportunity to restore and activate the edge of River Cooum, Chennai through the integration of NMT corridors and open space network. Apart from work, Bala loves to travel and watch movies.

Aditi Subramanian
Research Associate - Urban Development

More about Aditi Subramanian

Aditi joined the ITDP India Programme as an Intern in March, 2020. With the onset of COVID-19, she began working on guiding cities towards a sustainable recovery through various national initiatives. An architect who graduated from the School of Architecture and Planning, Chennai, Aditi’s fascination towards the nuances of the urban fabric stem from her travel experiences and resulted in a thesis that was centered around designing cities for the nightscape. She identifies the written word as an articulation of her creativity and has also explored this through an internship with The Hindu MetroPlus. A strong advocate for inclusive cities, Aditi is an aspiring urban designer who hopes to work with the local community and stakeholders to address topics at the intersection of energy, ecology and development.

Outside of work, Aditi is an International oarswoman who loves to trek and travel. On a free day, you would find her exploring the city on foot, gorging on local food, and penning down thoughts and quick sketches of these myriad settings.

Srirang Sohoni
Research Associate - Urban Development

More about Srirang Sohoni

Srirang is an undergraduate in Urban Planning from College of Engineering, Pune. He is interested in transport studies and mobility and is fascinated by the multifaceted nature of the sector. Throughout his undergraduate years, he has pursued numerous self-motivated projects that attempted to understand and model various transport scenarios. Through these projects, he has made GIS, Computer Programming and Modelling his strengths. In the past, he has also worked at CEPT as an intern. He believes in evidence-based planning and methodologies of generating evidence that can inform, support and justify transportation related proposals. At ITDP, Srirang is keen to develop such frameworks that can help in backing bold proposals on Parking, Pedestrianisation and Public Transport.
Srirang loves to play tennis. He has been playing the sport since childhood. Apart from that, he likes old hindi movies and Bollywood music from the 50s to the 80s.

Aangi Shah
Research Associate - Urban Development

More about Aangi Shah

Aangi wishes to see a world where cities prioritise people (not cars!) to make them feel safe and free to seek the smaller joys of life.

A trained architect with a little over 4 years of experience in urban development, she owes much of her on ground know-how to the initial and formative experience at HCP. Yet, she soon noticed that design is but one aspect in inclusive planning processes during her time at WRI, as she negotiated with the BMC on issues such as road safety and equal streets. Her most shaping experience has been the last year that she spent in Nairobi working on cities and climate change at UN Habitat – gaining an international perspective in a multi-cultural work environment with phenomenal leaders from various disciplines. As a Research Associate at ITDP, she is actively involved in the technical pieces and coordination for the two national level challenges, India Cycles4Change Challenge and Streets for People Challenge.

She is a dog lover and a dot connector: self-reflection and meditation are key to her lifestyle. She dives where she can find Nemo, teaches karate to kids and often writes haiku poetry on city life.

Siddhartha Godbole
Research Associate - Urban Development

More about Siddhartha Godbole

Siddhartha is an Urban Planner-Architect, having completed post-graduation in Urban Planning from CEPT University. Prior to this, he has had two years of work experience in institutional architecture and master planning. Due to interest in urban studies, he joined the urban planning course, which piqued his interest in subjects such as physical planning, land management, project planning and financing. He has inherent skills for clear thinking, efficient and smart working. His interests lie in understanding nuances of core urbanism, like affordability, land management and sustainable transport, along with its application. During his final semester at CEPT University, he worked on creating a toolkit for planning and measuring the success of TOD in Indian Cities. He would like to work towards betterment of urban India, by being a part of like-minded professional groups and institutions having a similar goal.

Apart from the profession and academics, he is a national level karate player, and also a club level cricketer. He loves music, literature and is an amateur poet!

Smrithi Prasad
Research Associate - Transport Systems

More about Smrithi Prasad

Smrithi Prasad is an Architect and an Urban Designer. She holds a Masters degree in Urban Design from CEPT University, Ahmedabad, and a Bachelors degree in Architecture from AMS Academy of Architecture, affiliated to Anna University. She had undertaken several crash courses in Singapore, London, and Germany relating to sustainable urban development and mobility through the collaboration of CEPT University with Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore, Transport For London(TFL), Oxford Brookes University, and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. The experience prior to associating with ITDP include working as an intern in GIZ-India facilitating technical support for the projects of Sustainable Urban Development -Smart Cities (SUD-SC) to the Tamil Nadu State Nodal partners namely Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) and Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board (TNSCB) under the Housing and Urban Development Department. She had also worked on the Quantified Cities Movement, participatory walkability mapping, and digitization of roads for identifying road hierarchies in Pune using the iNagrik mobile application for measuring urban mobility during her internship at Centre for Development Studies and Activities (CDSA), Pune.
Smrithi is a very self-motivated person having a good insight into urban context research and design development. She is also very passionate about safe, sustainable, and inclusive transportation systems.

Mohanabrabu B M
Research Associate - Urban Development

More about Mohanabrabu B M

Mohanabrabu is a graduate architect from the School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University, Chennai. He has previously worked at architectureRED and has been involved in conceptualizing and developing proposals for large scale projects. An urban enthusiast with interests and concerns over design, space, society, and energy, he aspires to be a catalyst in transforming the way of urban living. He spends his leisure time doing creative things and watching movies.

Suvetta Lakshminarayanan
Associate - Visual Communications

More about Suvetta Lakshminarayanan

Suvetta is a graduate from MEASI academy of architecture, Chennai. Her interest in Urban planning stemmed from her own experience as an everyday cyclist which also resulted in the conceptualization of her final year thesis – an urban intervention that promoted pedestrian activity.

Prior to joining ITDP, she worked as a junior architect at Vedika a conservation consultancy, where she had the opportunity to work on the redevelopment of a number of culturally relevant towns in Kerala. She regularly freelanced as a graphic designer and is extremely interested in how stories are told and perceived.

In her free-time she can be found hunched in a corner drawing comics about her dog and friends or plopped on a sidewalk sketching heritage buildings in the city.


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